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Family Ministry 513 is an introductory guided study of Family Ministry. MIN513 begins with the study of System Theory as it relates to Family Ministry and proceeds to a practical study of Family Ministry itself as it is applied in a ministry setting.


Family and Family Ministry will be studied from a Systems perspective. The student will understand and explain the theory of seeing family from a Systems perspective and  will then consider how family ministry is implemented. This course will guide the student, through reading and research, to a familiarization with family functioning and development.  The family will be understood as the vehicle for the passing of generational faith and Family Ministry as a tool for the strengthening of the family to achieve this purpose.

This course will examine early Restoration History, particularly the lives of Alexander Campbell and Barton W. Stone.  Selected readings will guide the student in reflecting on the origins of the Movement.  Students will be equipped to better understand the evolution that the Restoration Movement has undergone through the past two-hundred years, and how the founders’ actions and views have impacted present day churches.


Christianity was born in the midst of Greek and Roman society.  To fully understand the cultural dynamics of the early church, it is imperative that we have a working knowledge of the history and culture of the time.  This course will examine Greek and Roman society and how they impacted the founding of Christ's Kingdom.