The certificate-level courses are intended for students who desire to further study the Bible by working through all 40 courses of the degree program without the added reading assignments and research papers that are required for the bachelor's level student. However, for the student to receive a certificate of completion in this program, they must pass the course exams and memory work. Once all 40 courses are completed, the student will be awarded with a certificate of completion from Sunset International Bible Institute. 

Certificate Student FYI's:

  1. This is an online program; all your work is completed over the internet.
  2. There is no "snail-mail" or email option to send assignments in for this program.
  3. Study through the material; don't race through it just for completion.
  4. Divide the course in half, meaning, complete midterm memory work, the first half of lectures, and the corresponding study questions before you take your midterm exam.  After that, finish the second half items before you take your final exam.
  5. The enrollment fee per course is $50 and must be paid again if your course enrollment expires.
  6. The enrollment period for all certificate courses is 6 months, no extensions will be granted.
  7. Individual course completion certificates will not be awarded.
  8. Once you've completed all 40 courses, then will you receive a certificate of completion.
  9. Certificate courses may not be transferred into credit-level courses.
  10. Your completion grades will be recorded in our database.