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  • Welcome to HIS565 - Social World of Christianity: Greece & Rome

    Welcome students.

    There are several of us registered this term and I expect more audit students to come on board as we go along.

    Remember that the short course will be October 16th and 17th in Ft. Worth from 1:00 pm on Monday through 4:00 pm on Tuesday.  As of now we will plan on meeting at the College Hill Church of Christ.  

    You do have one book review on, Slavery & Society at Rome due BEFORE the short course on October 7th.  Make sure you have also read Backgrounds of Early Christianity before we meet together.

    The syllabus is now up and ready to go.

    - Kerry

  • Greek History

    I hope you have all recovered from the short course.  

    Please view the following video on YouTube concerning Greek History and answer the discussion questions by November 11th.

  • 12 Caesars Book Review

    Don't forget that your book review of "The Twelve Caesars" in Due Saturday, No. 18th.  You may email it to me or post it on Moodle.

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