What You Can Expect in Your Bible Education at Sunset

At Sunset International Bible Institute, our purpose is to teach the "whole counsel of God" (Acts 20:27). We endeavor to expose students to every book in the Bible, to a practical view of ministry within the Body of Christ, and to an intentional outreach for a lost world. As you study through 40 courses (120 credit hours) and work your way to receiving a Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree, here are some of the things you can expect to be taught:

  1. The Nature and Character of God: From the Old Testament and New Testament, you will be taught about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. You will be exposed to the love, mercy, grace, and justice of God in His dealings with mankind through the ages.
  2. The Life and Teachings of Christ: You will learn about His Deity, His humanity, His powerful message, His sinless life, His death, burial, and resurrection, and His exaltation to the right hand of God in Heaven.
  3. The Gift and Work of the Holy Spirit: You will be taught what the Bible says about the person, the power, and the work of God’s Spirit throughout history and the indwelling Spirit which serves as the “seal of salvation and earnest of inheritance” for every Christian.
  4. The Redemptive Plan and Purpose of God: You will learn about God’s plan to save and forgive sinful humanity through the atoning sacrifice of Christ, as it is revealed in the gospel and received by God’s mercy and grace through saving faith, repentance of sin and baptism into Christ.
  5. Christian Apologetics: You will be shown evidence that proves that the Bible is God’s inspired, accurate and trustworthy revelation of Himself to man. You will learn the evidence of the resurrection of Christ, the existence of God, and the special creation of man.
  6. How to Study the Bible: You will learn how the Bible is its own best interpreter and how to discover what it meant to those who heard it first and what it means for us today. As you study through the entire Bible you will learn the difference between the Old and New Covenants and how to understand scripture in context and its original language.
  7. The New Testament Church: You will be taught about the prophecies, the preparation, the beginning, the doctrine, the worship, the unity, and the bodily life of the Church that Jesus built. You will learn how to plant, grow and mature a healthy New Testament Church.
  8. Spiritual Wholeness and Discipleship: You will learn how to grow spiritually, overcome temptation and live daily for the Lord by applying the Christian disciplines and Christian graces to your life.  Our goal is not only to teach you the word of God but to help you develop wholeness in your life and relationship with God.
  9. The Christian Home and Family: You will be taught how to develop and preserve godly homes, marriages, and child development as a blessing to our churches and our nation. You will be taught how divorce is destroying the very fabric of our society and is contrary to God's ideal for marriage. You will learn the role and responsibility of each individual and of the family as a whole in building a solid foundation for this and the next generation.
  10. Church History: By studying the ecclesiastical successes and failures of others from the first century until now, you will learn how to avoid tragic mistakes and how to apply the correct values of theologians, churches, religious movements, and various denominations through the ages.
  11. Evangelism, Missions, and Church Planting: You will learn the importance of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and how to carry it out in our generation. You will discover that evangelism, soul-winning, and missions serve as the “lifeblood” of the Church, both at home and abroad.
  12. Eschatology, the Study of Last Things: You will be taught about the end of time, the return of Christ, the resurrection of the body, the day of judgment, and the reality of Heaven and Hell. You will also learn what happens to those who die prior to the return of Christ.

Our Mission Statement

“Training Whole Persons to Communicate the Whole Gospel into the Whole World Wholly to Please God.”

Course Fee Policy

While our commitment is to keep course costs as affordable as possible, it may be necessary to increase fees as circumstances require.

Our Policy For Suspension of Studies

As we get to know one another it may be discovered at some point, either by you or by us, that we are not a good fit together.

At our discretion, or perhaps yours, it may be determined that studying with us is no longer feasible. You may decide to discontinue your studies, or we may ask you to leave your studies with us.

This could result from the realization that this study is not for you, that we have significant doctrinal differences that cannot be resolved, or that our ministry and world mission goals may not match yours.

We could ask you to leave your studies with us as a result of the discovery of a moral, legal, ethical, and/or sin issue that has not been repented of or resolved. We will discuss first the situation prayerfully, carefully, and discretely with you. A godly, Christ-like resolution will be sought for the glory of God.

If there is a determination that your studies with us must come to an end, there will be a suspension of studies, and our partnership together will be ended without any further obligations from either party.

Refund Policy for Sunset Online Courses

  1. There will be no refund of tuition for any courses a student has paid for and completed online. There will be no refund for books or materials.
  2. A 75% refund of tuition will be allowed,
    1. If a student has enrolled and paid tuition for a course online and withdraws before starting the course.
    2. If the student withdrawal is requested within 30 days of purchase.
    3. There will be no refund for books or materials.
  3. A 50% refund of tuition will be allowed,
    1. If a student has enrolled and paid tuition for a course online and withdraws after starting the course.
    2. If the withdrawal is requested before the first test is taken.
    3. If the withdrawal is requested before 60 days from the date of payment.
    4. There will be no refund for books or materials.
  4. In the event, a student is dismissed by the school,
    1. Tuition paid in advance for courses not yet started will be refunded in full.
    2. Students may complete any course paid for and started.
    3. There will be no refund for books or materials.
  5. There will be no tuition refunded when a student drops out of a course without requesting to be withdrawn from that class or has taken the first test.
  6. There will be no tuition refunded when a student does not complete the assignments, memory work, or tests before the time expires for the student to complete the class.
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