The School of Missions is designed for teams and individuals who already have a focus and date of departure for a specific mission field.  SOM seeks to prepare the individual and team to interact with themselves and those they are seeking to minister to effectively.

While involved in this area of study, individuals and teams will be:

1. Deepening their understanding in themselves, their own mental and physical health and constraints;

2. Developing a specific plan for evangelism and church planting for their target field;

3. Developing a functional understanding of the new culture they are entering, and how to communicate the Gospel of Christ to them;

4. Considering the idea of leadership development in this new culture;

5. Working on understanding themselves in the context of Team, and effectively functioning inside of team;

6. Understand and implement fundraising and supporter communications and relationships. 

7. Developing a strategy of ministry and evangelism that will help define their time on the field