Topic outline

  • Introduction Week

    Welcome to MBS520 Restoration History: Stone & Campbell.  The Restoration Movement represents a powerful religious awakening and the most significant distinctly American religious movement in history.  Present day Churches of Christ, Christian Churches, and Disciples of Christ all find their origins in the movement, resulting in a profound influence of the Restoration upon twenty-first century Christian religion.

    Although many powerful men of faith contributed to the formation of the Movement, none were more influential or left their mark more significantly than Barton W. Stone and Alexander Campbell.  Our objective in this course is to gain a better understanding of both men.  What motivated their departure from denominational Christianity?  How did their approaches differ from one another?  What distinctive markers did they each imprint upon the Movement?  These and other questions will be addressed oven the next fourteen weeks.

    Assignments for the first week:

    1. Begin your readings as outline in the course syllabus.

    2. Post on this discussion board some reasons why you want to study the lives of Stone and Campbell, what you knew of them prior to taking this course, and what you hope to learn in this study.  Make sure you post BEFORE May 14th, 2022, 11:59 pm.


  • Week 2- May 17: Christianity in the Early 19th Century

    You should be reading Webb chapter 2.  I will post a discussion board with some questions for you to reflect upon in your posting.  Posts need to be completed by Saturday, May 21st at 11:59 pm.

  • Week 3- May 24: Core Philosophies that Shaped the Movement

    Short Course students must submit typed class notes by this Saturday, May 28th.

  • Week 4- May 31: Thomas Campbell

  • Week 5- June 7: Barton Stone

    You should be all caught up on your readings.  Two discussion questions will be posted this week which need to be answered by this Saturday, Jun 11th at 11:59 pm.  Please include at least two paragraphs in your answer to each question.

    From this point forward, weekly discussion assignments on assigned readings should be expected.

    Also, your first analysis paper for online-only students is due Monday, June 16th at 11:59 PM.  (This takes the place on in-class notes)

  • Week 6- June 14: Barton Stone continued

    Continue you readings on Barton Stone.

    For the discussion, simply answer the following question with at least three paragraphs:

    "What characteristics and qualities in Barton Stone do you believe contributed to his profound success as a restoration leader?"

  • Week 7- June 21: Catch-Up Week

    No Assignments.  Catch up on your readings.

  • Week 8- June 28: Alexander Campbell

    Post to the discussion board regarding your reading from Hughes chapters 2-4.

  • Week 9- July 4: Alexander Campbell continued

    Continue Campbell readings as instructed in the course syllabus. 

    No discussion posts required for the week.

  • Week 10- July 11: Conflicts Within the Movement

    Continue with your readings.  Post to the week's discussion board by March 22nd your thoughts on conflicts between Campbell and Stone. 

    Start working on your second Analysis Paper to be entitled, "Ministry Priorities of Campbell and Stone."  The Paper will be due before week 12. Remember that you also need to be compiling sources and ideas for your final paper.

  • Week 11- July 18: Early Perspectives on Ministry

    Read the article on Educational Perspectives of the Restoration Fathers and be prepared to answer discussion question next week.

  • Week 12- July 25: Journals and Colleges in the Movement

    Read two journal articles from "Restoration Quarterly" on Alexander Campbell or Barton Stone (available online) and write a two-paragraph summary of EACH article.

  • Week 13- August 1: Catch Up Week

    No additional Assignments due.

  • Week 14- August 8: Final Project

    Your final project must be submitted by August 13.