Courses by Level/Classification

Courses are categorized by classification in the SIBI curriculum. This classification is a strong recommendation and does not have to be rigidly followed by every student. The order in which courses are taken may be altered to suit the student's needs.

Course Samples

The first lesson of each course is offered free to all visitors in our Course Samples and Examples section.

Credit Courses

Taking a course as a credit student allows you to receive full SIBI credit for your accomplishment.  The enrollment period for credit courses is 7 months. The requirements for credit courses are detailed on each course's "Credit Requirements" page, but generally include most or all of the following:

  • Watching the lessons online
  • Reading of textbooks
  • Assigned readings from the Bible
  • Memory work (Bible verses that must be memorized)
  • Evaluation papers and/or research papers
  • Exams - each course includes a midterm exam and a final exam

Certificate Courses *work in progress*

The certificate-level courses are intended for students who desire to further study the Bible by working through all 40 courses of the degree program without the added reading assignments and research papers that are required for the bachelor's level student. However, for the student to receive a certificate of completion in this program, they must pass the course exams and memory work. Once all 40 courses are completed, the student will be awarded with a certificate of completion from Sunset International Bible Institute. 

Certificate Student FYI's:

  1. This is an online program; all your work is completed over the internet.
  2. There is no "snail-mail" or email option to send assignments in for this program.
  3. Study through the material; don't race through it just for completion.
  4. Divide the course in half, meaning, complete midterm memory work, the first half of lectures, and the corresponding study questions before you take your midterm exam.  After that, finish the second half items before you take your final exam.
  5. The enrollment fee per course is $50 and must be paid again if your course enrollment expires.
  6. The enrollment period for all certificate courses is 6 months, no extensions will be granted.
  7. Individual course completion certificates will not be awarded.
  8. Once you've completed all 40 courses, then will you receive a certificate of completion.
  9. Certificate courses may not be transferred into credit-level courses.
  10. Your completion grades will be recorded in our database.

Audit Courses

When you audit a course on SunsetOnline, it is much like auditing a course in a classroom setting. You get to watch the teacher and listen to the lessons, but don't have to do any assignments or take any tests. When you enroll in an audit course on SunsetOnline, you get full access to all of the lessons in the course, each of which consists of:

  • Streaming video of the instructor teaching
  • An online study guide (a text outline of important lesson points)
  • The enrollment period is 180 days

Audit courses are designed for those who want to learn and grow but do not want to pursue credit for their learning. There are no assignments, tests, or other requirements in audit courses.

In general, students may enroll in any course at any time. However, there are a few courses with strongly suggested prerequisites. Please see the prerequisites section below.


While most courses can be taken in the order of the student's choosing, certain courses require a student to have first completed a previous course. The following lists the courses that have prerequisite relationships:

  • The Sacrificial System should be taken before Hebrews
  • Daniel should be taken before Revelation
  • Basics of Christian Counseling should be taken before Introduction to Christian Counseling

Students desiring to enroll in a course without having first completed its prerequisite must contact us before proceeding.

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