Topic outline

  • Course Introduction


    You have some discussion questions to post this week.  Have it done before May 25th.  LATE POSTS WILL RESULT IN A GRADE REDUCTION.

    Be reading and studying, "The Devil Goes to Church."  The four-page review of the book is DUE June 1st.

  • Review of "The Screwtape Letters"

    Please submit you review of "The Screwtape Letters" by June 29th.

  • Review of "Seeing the Unseen"

    The review of Joe Beam's, "Seeing the Unseen" is due by July 27th.

  • Fictional Short Story

    The assigned fictional short story is due by August 10th.

    I have uploaded the class slides for you to study for the FINAL EXAM.  All exam questions will be taken from these slides.  STUDY THEM DILIGENTLY!

  • Final Exam