Topic outline

  • Introduction to BIB517 Advanced Hermeneutics

    • This three-hour graduate-level course will focus on Hermeneutics: The branch of knowledge that deals with techniques of interpreting and applying ancient writings (specifically the Bible) to today.  This course is one of the five required courses at SIBIGS.  The course is aimed at accomplishing the following objectives:

      1. Define Hermeneutics,
      2. Review and establish effective exegesis,
      3. Develop a workable hermeneutical practice for one’s ministry context,
      4. To have opportunities to apply sound Hermeneutics under instructor guidance and review
  • Rationale

    Disciples are tasked with following the instruction of their teacher. In the case of Christians, we are obligated to follow the word of our Teacher through the time span of thousands of years from an ancient document colored by different cultures, languages, immediate contextual issues, unique theological insights and then process what has been communicated to respond appropriately. How does one do that effectively? The answer is hermeneutics.

    The task of correct biblical interpretation (hermeneutics) is a daunting one. Yet, it must be pursued. We must understand what biblical interpretation is. So, it must be defined.  We must also be aware of the danger of poor interpretation and poor interpreters. So, we must acknowledge how one ought to approach the ancient text of the Bible. We must establish the best methods to biblical interpretation. So, we are obligated to become familiar with the standard rules of interpretation. Finally, we must make application of our findings. So, we must understand how to cross the bridge of meaning to make the application. We take our study and insight from then to now or as John Stott says, “Between two worlds,”

    MBS517 is purposed to accomplish this task. Through this web-based course guide, the student will be challenged to understand the principles in the assigned reading and then make application through the coursework given.