Instructor: Richard Rogers
Lessons: 24

An in-depth and inspiring study of the book of Romans, in which we learn about the need for righteousness, God's provision of righteousness, and our experience of living a life of righteousness.

Instructor: Ted Stewart
Lessons: 24

This detailed study of Christian apologetics covers a lot of important ground, starting with evidence and logical reasoning related to the existence of God, the origins of the universe and of mankind, and the inspiration of the Bible. The instructor goes on to present recent archaeological and historical findings that shed light on Old Testament events and chronology.

Instructor: Abe Lincoln
Lessons: 12

This study follows and explores this letter in which Paul encourages and exhorts the church to faithfulness and purity, instructs and encourages the church in the grace of giving, and gives a defense of his apostolic authority. Included are some great lessons for the 21st century church.