Expectations: Exams (certificate) - How to study for and take them.

How to Study

Each course normally consists of a midterm exam and a final exam.  The midterm exam will cover the first half of the course, while the final exam will cover the last half of the course.  Exams are mainly compiled of questions that are listed at the end of each lesson.  Although the questions at the end of the lessons are not assignments to be turned in, it would be to your advantage to answer them accurately so that you can study those questions to prepare for the exam.

How to Take

  • From memory - study the lesson questions that the exam covers, you are not to use any other resources, nor are you to use the study guide from the lesson (obviously).
  • In time - the exams are timed so you should review the time limit before starting.  In other words, be fully prepared to take the exam when you attempt it.
  • Answer only what is asked - students have a tendency to type as much as they can when there is only one phrase, or one word that the question is asking to provide.  Read the question a second time if you need to clarify what is being asked

Points to Remember

  • Inside the courses, there are NO practice exams, once you begin the exam, the clock begins and you are actively taking the test.  There are ample warnings explaining this to you before you've initiated the attempt.
  • Computer grading and human grading - some answers are graded automatically by the computer.  These answers, along with non-computer graded answers, are checked by a live person.  If the computer marks it wrong because of misspelling or because you put "the" in front of the answer, this will be graded accurately.
  • Spelling counts, sometimes - be aware that some exams require you to spell the names of individuals/places accurately for credit.
  • Checking your answers - after you complete an exam and you have a question about an answer, go back to the study guide for that course and locate the correct answer.  


  • The highest you can get on a retake is 70%.

Side Notes

  • Another goal is to rewrite the all the exams and make them more conducive to your online learning experience.  This is a future goal and will take time, so please know that these changes are being planned.
  • If you can not find the right answer, or you have any other questions, never hesitate to contact the Dean of Online Studies to assist.
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