Getting Started - First Things First

If you are reading this, you should have completed these items:

  1. Registered an account with
  2. Completed your user profile with current information
  3. **Important Step**  Completed the "Online Biblical Studies Admission Application" section (all students must complete this form to be approved for the degree program)
  4. Received approval for degree program (located at the bottom of your profile)  **If this box is not check, email to let us know as soon as possible** 
  5. Reference the Frequently Asked Questions as needed

Now you are ready to enroll in a course or multiple courses.

**When you begin to enroll in courses, it is highly recommended to enroll and complete just one course.  Once you understand the layout and workings of the course work, we recommend that you only enroll in three active courses at a time.

How do I enroll and gain access to a course?

Each course has a brief description and the option to pay the enrollment fee using a PayPal account OR a credit/debit card through PayPal (as the facilitating program).  *Note - You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay through the credit/debit option in PayPal.  Once the course has been paid for, the course will open and you will see all the material.  Take your time and become familiar with the layout, the credit requirements, and the assignments.  This layout is generally uniformed throughout every course in the program.

What order should I complete courses?

The course work is designed to build up your foundation in a "crawl, walk, run" approach.  For this reason, starting with freshmen courses would be the optimal approach.  If, for example, you see a course that may be more topical in nature and you want to take it out of order, do so at your own judgement.  Courses such as: Biblical Interpretation, Homiletics 1, Spiritual Living for Ministers, Biblical Theology of Missions all have the potential to be taken out of order.  But in most cases, following the courses through each student level is recommended.

The order of courses can be found by navigating at the top of the page to "Bachelor's / Credit Courses" and if you "Expand all" on that page, you will see the order.  Here is the link for that page:

What are the assignments and how do I complete them?

  • Memory Work - Quote the passages by memory to a spouse, mentor, friend, etc. and then submit the memory checker's information as instructed on the submission.
  • Evaluation Papers and Research Papers
  • Exams - Each audio lesson coincides with the PDF study guide.  After each lesson in the study guide, there are a series of questions.  Although these are not turned in for credit, answering them accurately will prepare you for the exams.  Please see Expectations: Exams - How to study for and take them.
  • Readings - After a reading is complete, you indicate this in the submission portion of the assignment.
  • Retakes - An exam retake happens when you score under 70% on an exam.  You may retake the the exam one time and the highest grade recorded will be a 70%, regardless of anything higher.  If you fail the retake, you fail the course.  You must take another course before reattempting the course again.  **This is why studying for the exams is vital before attempting it.
  • Other - There are a few "other" types of assignments that you will see.  The instructions are clearly defined and you will know by then how assignment submissions work.

When do my assignments get graded and when can I enroll in another course?

There are many online students in the degree program at Sunset International Bible Institute.  The turn around time for assignments is less than two weeks, but may fluctuate due to availability of staff assisting with this.  If at anytime you need to email us to check on assignments, do not hesitate to do so.  Once you recognize that all your assignments have been turned in and you have taken the final exam, you can enroll in your next course. 

Worst case, if you fail the final exam, you will still have your retake attempt to complete the course.  At the successful completion of the course, you will receive an email informing you of your final grade and that it is being entered into your academic records towards your bachelor's degree.

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