Why would anyone want to support me to take online courses at Sunset International Bible Institute?

Many times, a student feels that asking for money from a church or an individual is embarrassing, inconvenient, or even rude.  First and foremost, you must realize that when you are asking for financial support that you are doing so with the right heart and the right purpose.  In fact, your purpose alone in fulfilling the great commission brings others along to join you in that command.  We are all responsible to what Jesus instructed in Matthew 28:18-20, however, the means to which we fulfill it vary from person to person.  When an individual is given the opportunity to provide you with the training to go into all the world for the purpose of saving souls, that person is partnering with you to fulfill the great commission and grow the kingdom of God.

Here are some benefits for your local congregation when taking courses at Sunset International Bible Institute:

  1. Your ability to teach and preach God's word with a more in-depth and contextual understanding to strengthen your local congregation.
  2. Improve on your own Bible knowledge and participate at a deeper level in Bible classes
  3. Offer the congregation more class options alongside the current minister's classes, based upon what you are learning in your online studies; whether men teaching additional adult classes or women teaching ladies classes. 

Here are some example letters to use when requesting financial support from an individual or a congregation:

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