Reflection Paper on Unveiling Glory: Visions of Christ's Transforming Presence

The assignment in the syllabus for a reflection paper over the book: God's Holy Fire has been changed. Since you have already done this assignment under the Introduction to Graduate Studies Course with Brad Pruitt, I am changing this requirement for this course.

All aspects of the assignment will remain the same, being a reflection paper (3-4 pages, double- spaced) but the reflection paper will now be over the book: Unveiling Glory: Visions of Christ's Transforming Presence by Jeff Childers and Fred Aquino. It is Volume Three in the same series as God's Holy Fire. It as a book on Christology (one of the readings was from this book in last week's section over Christology) and I think it will serve as a fitting substitute for this assignment.

The due date will be towards the end of the semester now, to allow time for its completion. New due date will be the end of week 13 -- Monday, December 7th.