Bibliography Additions

One of the differences between a graduate student and an undergraduate student is the selective choices and the extensiveness of his research and reading. One of your assignments is to research the bibliographies on Ephesians, list the five books that you will want to have at the core of your study library, in addition to the assigned Text Book, and write a brief summary on your research on each of the five select books. Especially helpful to you will be the annotated bibliography in the Text Book by Snodgrass and going on-line and finding the article by Jeremy Pierce on Ephesians. Number one on your list must be the book by Peter T. O’Brien, The Letter to the Ephesians (Pillar N.T. Commentary). A guide to your choices might be the position of a writer on the authorship of Ephesians. Not invariably, but more often than not, a person that denies Paul’s authorship will have other objectionable conclusions in his writing.