Sunset GraduatesThe Continuing Education section for SunsetOnline is designed for those who have already completed their courses at Sunset (SSOP/SIBI). The first two courses must be completed to fulfill the requirements for Bachelor of Biblical Studies.

If you have received confirmation of your enrollment, you may click on the Ministry Portfolio and enter the key.

With all of the Ministry Portfolio module and the Minister's Spiritual Life course completed you will be eligible to receive the B.BS degree.

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A continuing education module in the Sunset B.BS Degree Program. It consists of four sections:
  1. Constructing a personal profile consisting of a Ministry Gifts Profile, a Personal Trait Profile and a Self-Evaluation
  2. Composing a review and evaluation of your ministry history
  3. Developing a ministry plan in your select area of ministry emphasis (e.g. pulpit, missions, youth ministry, people care, etc.)
  4. Building a devotional life.
Minister's Spiritual Life is a self directed course for equipping minister's and other workers in the Kingdom of God with the tools necessary to help nurture a healthy spirituality.