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Since Jesus gave the command to go into all the world and preach the Gospel (Mark 16:15, 16), preaching has been the center piece of the three-fold mission of the church: (1) evangelism, (2) edification, and (3) equipping. Preaching has gone through some mountain peaks and valleys. It has been popular and unpopular. Today it is on a slippery slope. It is in trouble. This graduate course is designed to upgrade, renew and take preaching in the 21st century back to the place God intended (cf. 2 Timothy 4:1-8).


Students will:

1. Develop a theological foundation for Christian Counseling.  

2. Develop a a biblical framework in order to assist church members who struggle with life and mental health issues.

3. Develop competencies in the areas of:

Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Forgiveness, Guilt, Marital Difficulties and Cognitive Distortions.

4. Develop an understanding of the Cognitive Therapeutic Model, which has its roots in Rational Emotive Psychotherapy.

This course will prepare a minister to have greater understanding, compassion and tools to assist church members who struggle with life and mental health problems.

This course is designed to be a course that emphasizes the practical aspects of Homiletics, including sermon construction, scheduling one’s time, and sermon delivery.

Homiletics has to do with the art and science of delivering biblical sermons. This course will emphasize finding ways to refine and polish the basic skills that the student already has. If needed, this course will also seek to find appropriate and sensitive ways to point out areas in which one may need to improve to more effectively communicate with one’s hearers. The purpose of this class is to provide feedback...not to criticize. It is assumed that all students enrolled in MIN515 have already studied basic Homiletics at the undergraduate level and that the student's basic Bible knowledge is in place.

This course will focus on the work of day to day ministry.  Strategies for success in relationships, negotiation, time-management, scheduling, and staff/elder relations will be addressed.

The 9-Hour intensive course (with additional online requirements) will be taught on Thursday and Friday, June 15-17, in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area (1-4 pm Thurs and 9-4 Friday).  There will be no additional fees other than the course tuition. 

This class may also be taken exclusively online.