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An introduction to Graduate Studies for incoming Graduate Students

Theology of Biblical Leadership is a short course designed to be a “first taste” of graduate work through Sunset Graduate School.  Students may audit the course, take it for credit, or decide after the seminar to finish the required coursework for credit.   Audit students may choose to purchase the books or simply attend the class.  Credit student must attend class, read the three required texts, and complete the assignments by the end of the term. 

The material will address the need for leadership in the church, with a particular focus upon the local congregation.  Emphasis will be placed upon the leadership of Christ as a model for all believers, along will examinations of other great leaders in the Bible.  The course is designed to be practical in nature, presenting applicable real-world strategies developed from broad leadership principles.

Readings in Theology: Christian Spirituality will examine five classic works of Christian Spirituality from ancient, medieval, reformation, and modern periods of church history.  Students will read the assigned texts, participate in discussion concerning their reading, and write a reflective critical essay.