How to Begin Studying Online at Sunset

Begin studying the Bible with Sunset todayTo begin your studies at Sunset, we want to provide you with all the information you need to commit to building a stronger knowledge of the Bible. Use the list below to help you find out what you need to know in order to get started at Sunset.

  • Learn More about Sunset International Bible Institute
    Sunset Online is the online classroom for Sunset International Bible Institute. Find out more about this unique educational experience that has been teaching and training ministers and missionaries from Lubbock, Texas, to the rest of the world since 1962.
  • What to Expect from Studies at Sunset
    Find out more about what you can expect to learn from your studies at Sunset. We want you to be familiar with our Biblical worldview and the perspective with which we approach the text.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    If you still have questions about our programs or technical questions about how you submit assignments and take tests, find those answers here.
  • Course Descriptions
    Learn about the courses available for both audit and credit towards a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree.
  • Earn Your Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree Online
    Earn a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree by completing the core 40-course curriculum. This degree prepares you for a life of ministry and a deeper pursuit of biblical knowledge.
  • Courses by Level
    Classes are broken up into 4 levels to help guide you through your degree plan. If you have taken previous classes

    Preview the First Lesson of Each Class!
     We have provided the first lesson from each of our courses for you to get a taste of the Preview the First Lessonexcellent teachers and the depth of knowledge covered in these courses. Additionally, we provide the syllabus and course requirements for each class, including links to the required books.
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