Biblical Theology of Missions
Class Syllabus For Spring/ 4th Term
Class Time: Tuesday/Thursday Afternoons 1:50pm to 4:30pm

Instructor: Paul Dowell
Phone: 806-319-3004

Course Description:
This course is designed to develop a biblically sound foundation for missions in the life of the missionary, minister, and local congregation of God’s people. We will also look at the journey of the missionary and sending congregation as they prepare, partner, plan, and participate in a mission effort.

Course Objectives:

To understand the “eternal purpose” of God that empowers missions.
To evaluate personal motives for carrying out God’s mission and develop a solid foundation and motivation for mission work.
To develop the proper biblical foundation which is Christ-centered that will lead us to involvement in missions and keep us there during difficult times.
To gain skills in the critical analysis of theological and missiological information.
To develop an educational plan to train and involve local congregations in our worldwide mission task.
To prepare for the spiritual battle which we wage on the mission fields of the world.
To become more personally engaged in the cause of missions with a heartfelt, God-centered passion.
To exalt God and be good stewards of His mission.